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Name:Dorian Gray
Birthdate:Mar 11
Dorian Gray was a beautiful young man.

He was an innocent young man.

Until Lord Henry came into his life.

Dorian made a wish after his portrait was completed by Basil, a wish put into his mind by Lord Henry. He wished that his portrait, so beautiful and ideal, would age instead of himself. That he would forever be young and beautiful.

And so the wish came true.

Throughout his life, Dorian indulged in every vice one could. Sex, drugs, violence, gambling, murder -- all of it. And with every sin, with every year, his painting changed. Aged. Showed the signs of those sins.

In the end, he murdered the man who had created his portrait. A man who had been in love with him. He had thought to destroy the painting when Basil's blood appeared on it, and that is what that silly story about him says he did.

But he didn't.

Years later, he joined the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

He tried to atone for all those sins.

Still, that portrait ages. Is a horror. Dorian no longer looks upon it. He keeps it locked away. Even though he tried to atone for those sins, aiding the League whenever it called upon him, he still sinned.

Vice still called.

It was in his very soul.

Dorian comes from the comic book canon while using the PB from the movie. He was pre-Mina League, having served in the League prior to hers. He has lived beyond canon and is currently located in California in the year 1969 for the purposes of entering the bar.

Dorian Gray is from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and is the property of Alan Moore. He is being used for the sole purpose of role playing and no profit is being made from it.

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